Capitol City Online - How-to logon and access the COOKING echo (or any other BBS echo/local message area)

Go to or

( will also work!)

In the upper right, click Register and create an account.

In the upper right, click Log In to log into the BBS.

Across the top left is a menu. Forum will take you to the message area groups. The FIDO COOKING and associated echos are in the LifeAndLeasure group. The Synchronet WebV4 interface sorts messages by thread rather than by individual message.

To check or send Private mail (netmail, mail to/from sysop, etc.), click on your User Name in the upper right, then choose Mail to bring up your mailbox. Choose Log out from the same menu to leave.

If you find this user interface not to your liking, you can try the "classic" interface by surfing to: or

There is a navigation menu on the left that contains a New User button for new registrations, and a Login button to login. Once you are logged in, there is a Message Groups button on the navigation menu that will display the message forums. The FIDO COOKING echo can be found under Life / Leasure / Hobbies / Games.

This user interface sorts the messages by message, rather than thread, with the newest messages at the top.

For users that prefer the "old fashioned" bbs look and feel, you can log into the ftelnet terminal in the center of the page by clicking the Connect button underneath the picture. You can also use your favorite telnet client, pointed to

If you would prefer a secure shell (SSH) to using telnet, you can point your favorite SSH client to using port 2022.

RLogin is also available, as is reading messages via an NNTP client.

Another alternative is to try my other board, Possum Lodge South, by going to:

You do have to set up an account first, which cannot be done via the web interface. You can use SSH: on port 2122

Use username New and password new to get in and setup your account.

I can also set up a username and password for you, if you want to contact me at ccoky (at) iglou (dot) com.

One you have an account, you can log onto the website by clicking the Conference button. The site will ask for your username and password, and then will take you to the message areas. This site highlights the conferences with new messages, and the new messages in each conference, in green. I prefer this interface, but the caveat is that the board does not support https and is not able to register new users.

The FIDO COOKING echo is available here also, and most other Z1 Fidonet echos can easily be added on request.

Mike Powell, Sysop

Capitol City Online

Possum Lodge South