• Repeating repairs.

    From Mark Hofmann@1:261/1304 to All on Fri Oct 4 14:32:56 2013
    It seems most of my repairs these days are "repeated" due to garbage parts (mostly from China). Got burned yet again on the the driver's side window regulator I had installed in my Monte Carlo almost 2 years ago. It failed this
    past week again.

    Bought a different brand (directly from Amazon.com) this time. The company is based in the USA, so hopefully it will be better quality.

    Just two days after that, my water pump went out in the Monte Carlo (again). I
    had just replaced it about 6-7 months before getting the Jasper engine. A new one came with the Jasper engine rebuild kit, so it got swapped when I got the new engine again.

    Good news is - the motor is still under warranty until the spring of next year,
    so the water pump gets replaced for free.

    - Mark

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