• Monte Carlo - gas smell.

    From Mark Hofmann@1:261/1304 to All on Thu Jan 8 14:21:58 2015
    I like to joke with people about my Monte Carlo telling them I'm restoring it..
    One piece at a time. Seems I have a new list of things to "restore" in the spring when it warms up.

    - Climate control selection knob doesn't always catch the different settings properly. Going to replace the entire panel.

    - Climate fan only works on 4 or 5. 1-3 do not work. This is caused by a bad
    fan resistor ($15 part). Will replace that this spring.

    - Driver's side window regulator has issues. Window goes up on an angle at times - will investigate.

    - Gas guage float measures wildly once tank is under 3/4 full. Will eventually have to replace the entire fuel pump, which will also fix the float.
    (low priority)

    The bigger issue right now is I started smelling gas when sitting at red lights. The first few days I thought it was someone else's car. At least until yesterday when I was the only car around and I still smelled it.

    This time it isn't the fuel pressure regulator, but seems that one or several of the fuel injector O-rings are failing. When the car is off, gas is slowly leaking onto the manifold from the fuel rail/injectors area. Sometimes causing
    delayed starting, since the gas is out of the fuel rail.

    I am taking it to the shop for that one. Will get it fixed next week and will drive the Charger next week.

    Always busy working on something with the vehicles. Good thing I don't mind it
    and at times, actually enjoy it.

    - Mark

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