• Weekend projects.

    From Mark Hofmann@1:261/1304 to All on Tue May 26 11:57:56 2015
    Just finished some projects this past weekend on the vehicles.

    1) Replaced the power steering pump on the 2001 Durango. The job wasn't too horrible, especially since I saw a video on YouTube on exactly the tools needed.

    What made that repair 100% easier was the use of my air ratchet to remove the pump from the engine. Also, the crows foot 5/8 socket with extension to free the high pressure side of the pump. The other added bonus was using my evacuator to suck out all the power steering fluid before removing the line. Much less of a mess doing it that way.

    Used all stainless steel screw/nut hose clamps, as they are the only way to go. It is nice to have fully working power steering again.

    2) Rust/body repair on the 2002 Monte Carlo. I finally got around to finishing to removal of the body rust, used filler, sanded, and painted the effected areas.

    My goal here was to keep the rust from getting worse, not to make everything look completely perfect.

    - Mark

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