• front end body work replacement

    From mark lewis@1:3634/12.73 to all on Mon Jul 6 13:17:12 2015
    2005 chrysler 300 sedan... not anything fancy and certainly not touring or hemi...

    gotta replace the passenger side front fender, hood, grill work, passenger side
    lights and at least radiator after a deer tried to take it all off the other night... very glad the airbags didn't go off! trying to do some bit of clean up
    on it now so i can start removing the bent stuff and find out what else may be damaged...

    we're wishing we had had time and someone local where it happened... if we had,
    that deer would be hanging in the cooler right now... we're guestimating we might have gotten 150 to 200 pounds of usable meat off it... possibly a decent hide, too... oh well :(

    so very much not happy campers, right now...


    ... It's called Kraft Dinner....Not macaroni and cheese.
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