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    Just wondering how many people are still reading the Automotive echo?

    I would like to see this become a good place to talk about cars, repairs EK>MH>>tricks, motorcycles, etc again.

    I will be mostly lurking as Automobiels have left this old guy in the EK>TW> dust.

    Same here.. I used to swing the meanest wrench in town. Now i look under the EK>hood and don't have a clue.

    While not the Meansest wrench in town in my younger uears i was pretty
    good. Did everything except automatic transmision work.
    In fact I would select my next Used car, the last New car I bought was a
    1961 Ford Falcon, from the Consumer Reports WORST used car list.
    Nowdays I cannot even change my own oil because of an inner ear problem
    but with the Computerized Nightmare engine control systems I don't think
    I woudl enjoy working on cars nearly as much.

    Got to drive a late model Ford Focus today. Great little car with lots of pe EK>and handles well. Ford is for sure cranking out a good product.

    I still follow the market and an impressed with how Ford is doing.
    Far better then what I call GM Junk or Chrysler Crap.

    Has anyone seen Ford's new service commercials with Dwayne Johnson (WWE The EK>Rock) that guy has the gift of gab. Sure beats getting his body destroyed in EK>the ring.

    I caught the "Got Milk" ad. Very good one

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