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    From Jim Haight@1:322/757 to All on Sat Feb 11 14:08:46 2017
    Two weeks ago the weather allowed some auto detailing. I cleaned my Taurus inside and out, especially to get rid of salt in the wheel wells, panels and door sills etc. I opened the hood and noticed a stash of seeds there from our Kousa dogwood. The squirrels and chipmunks are fond of these. I had the
    vacuums handy and sucked all the little seeds up. Today I found another stash there and a huge pile inside my wife's Prius. I think that chipmunks stash there food in our cars and find that this is a cozy cafeteria when it's cold. There are no signs of nesting and they have underground dens. I have heard horror stories about mice and squirrels however.
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