• Tacoma offroad or Honda Ridgeline

    From Jim Haight@1:322/757 to All on Sat Apr 15 08:05:15 2017
    Both different trucks. Toyota is "body on frame" better offroad. The Honda is unit body construction but can do light offroad. I was amazed that the Toyota could be had for almost 10k less depending on amenities. Gasmileage is about the same... maybe slightly better for the Honda of course. I have a friend who was forced to get rid of his Taco as it had 650k on it. Maybe that is the deciding factor. It's almost down to what your personal needs are and how "industrial" you have to go. I did se a video on The Fast Lane Truck of them pulling a trailer up the mountains with the Honda and this was impressive. But we know the Toyota can already to this.
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