• Alchemical healing

    From alchemiworx@gmail.com@999:1/1 to All on Mon Feb 10 21:38:00 2014
    Subject: Alchemical healing
    From: alchemiworx@gmail.com

    Ohana and friends,
    It is a time in our collective lives where we may be feeling overwhelmed and over-weighted by debris of outdated agreements.

    Because of this I've begun a ( 2x a week) healing pool to assist in the clearing away of all that we have collectively broken through over the past year.

    May we all find strength in our collective cleansing as we all continue to clean up our lives (and actions) in all realms. Lift off and up is soon approaching for each of us in our own ways. May the elements charge, inspire, and assist us to let go and clean up as much as possible before take off...

    Congrats to all of you for each of us has arrived to exactly where we've created to be in our very own way. Yeah!

    Individual healing pool $99.00/mo
    Family healing pool $150.00 /mo
    (Get one month free for a total of 2 months in the pool)

    Send your donation to
    Paypal email address wearetheworldaz@yahoo.com

    Or visit my website alchemiworx.com to sign up

    And I will respond to you ASAP to connect with you and receive your intentions

    for your time in the healing pool.

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