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    From kf5qeo@1:396/60 to All on Tue May 6 20:30:00 2014
    Actually, I am getting all of Fido from Janis Kracht and no one else alt.bbs.mystic is gated back into Fidonet and comes back to me throu Janis' system.
    Nice, so we have someone slapping this echo up on a newsgroup, and that's where Janis is getting it from? Or what? What ever happened to good ol' FTN technology? :|
    A FYI, I get my echo's from Marc Lewis (who gets his from Janis), and Robert Starr, (who gets his from Janis). I requested Mystic from Marc, might have messed up. I've yet to see my areafix results back. I got the NEF
    report back... But yet to get any mail from mystic, so I'm guessing I mis-spelled or something the echo name. Either way, I got a free server I
    had on my news server, looked up some of the news groups, and setup a usenet gate on REXW to import the mail.

    John Guillory [KF5QEO]

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