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    If you read the original developer of BSO's manifesto - The entire point of his specification was to be able to determine packet destinations by simply looking at the filename.
    I'm not sure what the BSO is, but I agree (aparently) with 100% of what you said he said. In all the years I've been in fidonet, I've had my share
    of mailer crashes, and other cases where the .CUT / .OUT file would get sent out, the bundle file was supposed to be deleted, but wasn't, or some
    screwball reason the packer got configured to truncate it. I go cleaning up the system a month or two later, and what do you know? I've got these
    bundles that aren't linked to any other files, and since the .CUT and .OUT files no longer exist, the mailer will never go out. Though at a time, I
    used to have a really sharp plugin for FAR (File Area Manager) that would
    allow you to view the packet and see who it was from (and node number), who
    it was to (and node number), subject, and the text....

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