• Re: Some Mystic feature requests

    From kf5qeo@1:396/60 to All on Tue May 6 21:38:00 2014
    I just joined Fidonet and added 63 echoes. Each of which I had to go in and set the export nodes manually. :(
    O.k. I discovered the hard way that if you create a message area and
    specify the export node in the message area, it doens't matter, it'll
    dissapear as soon as you exit and save the the record. You can then tag the area with the tab key, and globally add the node to export to, update, then it'll keep the node added. I also later discovered that if you just create
    the message areas, go to the first menu option (can't remember what is is off hand), and select the echomail nodes, high light the node you want to export to, press the slash key ('/') and tell it I think export areas, something
    like that, you can go through and add all the echos you want it to export to that node.

    John Guillory [KF5QEO]

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