• Re: MPL variable request

    From kf5qeo@1:396/60 to All on Wed May 7 04:27:00 2014
    I know Pascal like the back of my hand. I love the new changes you did to MPL to make it more comfortable for me. The only problem is previous
    versions of Mystic used to have documentation for MPL a bit better than they
    do now. I gathered a lot of information when I downloaded the source code
    from sourceforge and read the text files in the source sections. They are *REALLY* helpful! What I really need now is how to interface with the rest
    of the BBS. Eg. one of your programs USES config, etc. Can you either post,
    or include a document, or something with the various USES and what variables, and their structures are for the User record, the file bases, the message bases, etc. BBS configuration, and anything else we can read from a MPL?
    I also gotta say thanks on whenever you added in the ability to hide AKA's
    for nodes. I believe that was one of my biggest stumbling blocks on fidopoll not connecting.

    John Guillory [KF5QEO]

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