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    From kf5qeo@1:396/60 to All on Wed May 7 04:41:00 2014
    A thought on a feature request. If its not something everyone else would
    want, I understand... Just thinking on the FTP server support, it might be a bit easier to allow for an option to specify what directory to put the QWK
    file (and look for the REP file) in, rather than putting them in every single directory. Also, could we have an option for nodes that wish to pick up mail from you via ftp, where you specify what directory they will be. I'll admit
    at the moment, I have no nodes using FTP, but it'd seriously open up the flexibility of Mystic if you did. Without the option, I *COULD* create a
    file area for each downlink, and then point their node to that directory, but seems a little over-kill for something that could be setup a little easier... The only thing I would say on doing it that way is, when trying to use REXW
    to download QWK mail before, without using a manual script, it'll try to download all files there, which is why I want the ability to setup a
    directory with no QWK files, etc. to allow a node to automatically retrieve
    any mail, upload any mail, etc. and it'd be excellant if you could specify a different upload and download directory for each node (or have a common
    upload and each node a different download...) Either way... But it really could be a lot more flexible if the QWK file wasn't available (or visible) on every directory... And to specify a specific directory to put the QWK file
    in makes it REALLY flexible!

    John Guillory [KF5QEO]

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