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    From kf5qeo@1:396/60 to All on Wed May 7 05:19:00 2014
    Yeah but I didn't like the way it quoted your last message you used with you posted it. Then again, I could never type very long sentences on
    the Android keyboard anyway :) On the iOS keyboard, yeah :)
    I hate the iOS keyboard with a Passion! As far as the Android Keyboard, which one? I hate the standard Android Keyboard, but I never use it. I
    prefer Hackers keyboard, but at one time used the Swype Keyboard. The stupidest thing of all about the iOS keyboard is the fact that some moron
    feels that you need not show lowercase letters when your not typing a shift key! I'd have no problem if they just had lower case letters with a shift status, but why the heck do they have to put upper case letters with a shift status? And why can't they do like most other touch devices and show lower case letters, then when you shift show the capital letters, or the symbols, etc. I know I'm a minority out here, but I switched from android to iphone because everyone claimed it had better software for ham operators, and
    everyone claimed it didn't get bogged down, etc. Well, first off, the last
    few updates has caused it to start to get bogged down when not really doing anything! I can bogg it down just typing a text message now! And as far as the software, I really have a better selection on Android! But most imporantly, I can use a SD memory card, I can take a video while on the
    phone, I can record phone calls, etc. Lots of things you can't do on an iPhone! And when storage fills up, rather than crashing, androids just tell you there's not enough room to store it! I've had times when trying to
    upload a large video and the space was getting close to full that I liked to have never stopped the phone from uploading and delete the video. Even after
    I deleted the video, I had to re-boot and wait a while before actually
    noticing the phone starting to work smoothly again.

    John Guillory [KF5QEO]

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