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    From Ben Ritchey@1:393/68 to All on Sat Sep 24 15:04:23 2011
    Hi All,

    The BFDS files collection is now online at:

    http://cmech.dynip.com/BFDS (Master/Primary site)

    Contact me here, via Netmail to 393/68, or via Email at (fido4cmech{at}lusfiber{dot}net) for the UserID and PW if you want to upload something to the Uploads area.

    Be well :^)

    : Ben aka cMech http://users.lusfiber.net/~fido4cmech
    + WildCat! Board 24/7 +1-337-984-4794 any BAUD 8,N,1
    --- GoldEd+/Win via D'Bridge
    * Origin: FIDONet - cMech's WoW machine (1:393/68)