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    From Richard Webb@1:116/901 to all on Thu Jan 12 13:39:34 2012
    <<<continued from previous >>>

    IF everybody's happy, and we don't need to turn over the
    month in the middle of our capture of next seven days'
    history it works like this:

    :: 300hist.bat
    :: main working section.

    logecho $M$D | nset news=$1
    call mmsnhist.bat %NEWS%
    if exist c:\hold\work\history.dat goto sunhist
    goto chkmon
    cd \hold\weeknews
    echo Today >> history.txt
    echo. >> history.txt
    type c:\hold\workfile\history.dat >> history.txt
    cd \
    del c:\hold\work\history.dat
    goto chkmon

    Of course, we don't need to turn over, or look for it for
    Sunday, because system time and date agree. We've of course gotten here because there is going to be no turnover in the
    count NEWS +1
    call mmsnhist.bat %NEWS%
    if exist c:\hold\work\history.dat goto monhist
    goto chktue

    Now of course, if we know we're going to have a turnover of
    month some day that week we do an ifnumber test.

    Meanwhile mmjsnhist.bat looks for a file with the
    appropriate file name, stuff its contents into history.dat
    where it will be found, etc.

    Of course we have labels chktue, chkwed, etc. along with
    slabels sunist, monhist, etc.

    Now here's the big question.

    I have, as I see it, a couple of options here.
    For our check for mOnday's data, I can do an ifnumber test as follows ...

    ifnumber %NEWS% biggerequivalthan %TURNOVER% > nul
    if errorlevel 1 goto turnmon

    This would mean adding turnmon, turntue, etc. Trouble is,
    once we no longer need the %TURNOVER% environment variable
    I'd like to lose it.

    Or, we create another batch if turnover is needed during the week, with semaphore files to guide us as to what day of the week comes next.

    Thoughts Paul or any of you other batch gurus out there?

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