• Not rng in oin offline

    From Nicholas Boel@999:1/1 to All on Thu Dec 5 16:05:00 2013
    From: "Nicholas Boel" <nicholas.boel@1:154/701.remove-5zv-this>
    Subject: Not rng in oin offline
    To: Gryphon

    To: Gryphon
    Hello Gryphon,

    05 Dec 13 12:27, you wrote to Mike Roberts:

    Does it matter if you are using QWK or QWKE? Is one compatable with
    the other? Is the Mystic QWK bundle being bundled as QWK or QWKE?
    Will your OLMR read both types, and if so, can it automatically
    determine which to use?

    Wow. Good call man. I completely forgot about the second format as well. I don't use any offline readers, or I would try to help test this stuff further.

    I'm going to have to sit this one out and let the people that actually have OLRs available sort through it. :)

    So far it seems we have two guys having problems, and one having no issues at all. I hate when this happens, makes things a lot harder to figure out. :)


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