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    Subject: Re: Not reading in offlin
    To: Gryphon

    To: Gryphon
    Gryphon wrote to Mike Roberts <=-

    On 12-05-13, Mike Roberts said the following...

    Does it matter if you are using QWK or QWKE? Is one compatable with
    the other? Is the Mystic QWK bundle being bundled as QWK or QWKE?
    Will your OLMR read both types, and if so, can it automatically
    determine which to use?

    Mutli-mail read both types, When I download from your board with [D]
    download a QWKE packet? it sent me cyberia.qwk The test with [!] d/l
    a QWK packet just disconnected me, using mTel/32 client.

    ... Gone crazy, be back later, please leave message.
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