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    Title: Road Kill Squirrel Stew
    Categories: Game, Pork, Vegetables, Stews, Chilies
    Yield: 3 Servings

    1 Squirrel; skinned, cleaned;
    - boned, meat cut in chunks
    1 lb Boneless pork, in chunks
    - about the same size as the
    - squirrel meat
    1/4 c Lard or shortening
    1/2 c Onion; chopped
    2 c Tomatoes, peeled, seeded,
    - quartered
    2 c Lima beans
    1 c Hot water
    3 c Corn kernels
    2 ts Worcestershire sauce
    1 c Bread crumbs; toasted

    Okay, you've got quick reflexes and have just hit a
    squirrel. Take that sucker and skin it, cut the head
    off and remove the internal organs. Cut squirrel into
    pieces and add to chopped pork of equal amounts and
    saute it slowly until light brown in 1/4 cup

    Remove from the pan. Use the squirrel and pork fat to
    brown 1/2 cup of chopped onions. Put the squirrel, pork
    and onions in a stewing pot and add 2 cups of quartered
    tomatoes. 2 cups of lima beans. 1 cup of hot water. Add
    cayenne to taste.

    Simmer till squirrel and pork is just about tender and
    add 3 cups of corn. 2 spoons of Worcestershire sauce
    and a cup of toasted bread crumbs.

    Simmer until completely tender..then there you are!!!

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