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    Title: Spooky Halloween Eyes
    Categories: Five, Appetisers, Eggs
    Yield: 24 Servings

    12 lg Hard-boiled eggs; peeled,
    - halved
    1/4 c Mayonnaise; as needed
    1 ts Red food colouring
    1 ts Blue food colouring
    1 ts Black food colouring

    Place each egg, cut-side down, into a muffin cup paper

    Spoon mayonnaise into a plastic resealable bag; snip 1
    of the bottom corners of the bag. Pipe mayonnaise
    through the opening around the base of each egg half.

    Portion red food coloring into a small bowl, blue food
    coloring into a second small bowl, and black food
    coloring into a third small bowl. Dip a clean and sterile
    small-tip paintbrush into the red food coloring and paint
    small lines onto each egg to represent 'veins', making
    sure to get a little of the red food coloring into the

    Rinse brush and make a blue circle on the top middle of
    each egg to represent the 'iris'. Rinse brush and paint
    a black ring around the iris and put a dot of black in
    the middle of the iris for the 'pupil'.

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