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    Title: Pig Hip Sandwich
    Categories: Pork, Breads, Sauces
    Yield: 4 Sandwiches

    12 oz Thin sliced roasted fresh
    - (not cured) ham
    4 (6") sandwich buns; toasted
    Shredded lettuce
    Tomato slices

    1 lg Egg
    3 c Oil
    7 oz Heinz catsup
    2 oz Worcestershire sauce
    1/2 c Sugar

    MAKE THE SAUCE: Chill a stainless steel mixing bowl until
    very cold. Take the egg from refrigerator and using an
    electric mixer, beat egg thoroughly.

    While continuing to beat, slowly add good quality
    vegetable oil and Heinz catsup. To this, add the
    Worcestershire sauce, sugar, and a pinch of salt.

    Makes 1 quart of sauce.

    Lay out the toasted buns, slather the bottoms with
    sauce. Distribute the thinly sliced fresh ham evenly
    on top of the sauce. Add the sliced tomato to each
    sandwich and top with shredded lettuce. Drizzle more
    Pig Hip Sauce over the lettuce and top with the upper
    half of the bun.

    Store the leftover sauce in the ice box.

    Makes four sandwiches

    As served at the Pig Hip Restaurant on Route 66 in
    Broadwell, Illinois

    Uncle Dirty Dave's Kitchen


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