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    Title: Scrapple
    Categories: Pork, Grains, Offal, Herbs
    Yield: 12 Servings

    3 lb Pork scraps or meaty bones
    2 md Onions; chopped fine
    3 qt Stock or water
    Salt & Pepper
    1/2 ts (ea) nutmeg & allspice
    4 tb Summer savory
    6 tb Sage
    18 oz Non instant rolled oats
    Veal neck bones; opt for
    - richer stock

    Scrub bones or shoulder well and simmer all day in a
    large pot covered with water. Let boiled meat cool in the
    pot overnight and into the next afternoon. Then pick the
    meat from the bones and run it through a meat grinder.

    Chop onions fine and cook in stock until tender. Then add
    the ground pork and seasonings. Add rolled oats. Boil
    until oatmeal and Pork are done. (15 min. or so). Let
    cool and pour into loaf pans. Cool completely and wrap in
    foil and refrigerate or freeze. Slice about 1/2" thick
    and fry on greased iron griddle until browned on both

    Makes 12 (approx) servings

    RECIPE FROM: http://www.recipelion.com

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