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    Title: Yoda's Green Sherbet Sundaes
    Categories: I scream, Desserts, Candy
    Yield: 1 Recipe/met

    Green sherbet
    2 Green taffy; for each Yoda,
    - "Summer Fruit Starburst"
    - works well here
    1 Mini marshmallow; per Yoda

    Food coloring pens; yellow
    - and black
    Kitchen shears
    Ice cream scoop
    Cookie sheet
    Parchment paper

    The force is strong with these adorable Yoda Sherbet
    Sundaes. Create your own Jedi masterpieces using green
    sherbet topped with green candy ears and marshmallow eyes.

    Before starting, be sure that there is space in your
    freezer for a small cookie sheet.

    Place parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet and then
    scoop balls of green sherbet onto parchment paper. Place
    the cookie sheet in the freezer.

    While the sherbet is firming up, open two taffy candies
    and pull them to flatten. Use kitchen shears to cut a
    teardrop ear shape from each candy.

    Cut a tiny round nose, a thin line for a mouth, and two
    crescents (for eyelids) from the scraps of remaining green

    Cut a mini marshmallow in half and draw a yellow iris and
    black pupil on each marshmallow half using food coloring

    Remove the sherbet from the freezer and place each sherbet
    ball in a sundae cup.

    Press the ears into the sides of the sherbet and decorate
    with the eyes, nose, and mouth.

    Serve immediately.

    Recipe by Miranda Becker

    From: http://www.disneyfamily.com

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