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    Title: Jaguar Sundae
    Categories: I scream, Chocolate, Breads, Candy, Dairy
    Yield: 1 Serving

    1 tb Semi-sweet chocolate chips
    2 sm Round green candies
    1 sm Waffle bowl
    1 ts Blue sprinkles
    Blue sugar
    1/4 c Breyers Cookies & Cream
    2 Mini twist pretzels
    2 tb Breyers Caramel Flavored Ice
    - Cream Sauce
    2 tb Whipped cream
    1 Chocolate kiss; unwrapped
    1 Pink or red gum drop; halved
    6 sm Pretzel sticks

    Set aside 2 chocolate chips, then put remaining chocolate
    chips in small freezer bag. Squeeze out air; seal bag.
    Microwave at HIGH 10 seconds. Remove from microwave;
    knead and repeat until chocolate is melted and smooth.
    Cut small corner off bag and squeeze 1 chocolate dot on
    each green candy to make ''eyes''. Outline inside rim of
    waffle bowl with melted chocolate, then sprinkle with
    blue sprinkles; let stand to set.

    Arrange Breyers Cookies & Cream in waffle bowl. Press in
    twist pretzel "ears"; arrange reserved 2 chocolate chips
    in center of ''ears''. Top Ice Cream with caramel sauce.

    Pipe 2 small dollops whipped cream side-by-side for
    "mouth", then press chocolate kiss upside down between
    the whipped cream dollops for "nose". Arrange gum drop
    below dollops for "tongue".

    Stick pretzel sticks in whipped cream for "whiskers",
    then sprinkle whipped cream with blue sprinkles. Arrange
    green candy for "eyes". Enjoy!

    RECIPE FROM: http://www.breyers.com

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