• 11/12 Chicken Soup Day 5

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    November 12: National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

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    Title: Dave's Freezer Chicken Soup
    Categories: Five, Poultry, Vegetables, Pasta
    Yield: 4 Quarts

    1 lb Chicken bits from the pulled
    - leg quarters or GFS bag
    1 lb Bag frozen, mixed vegetables
    - California blend or spring
    - veg or your choice
    4 tb GFS (Minors) Chicken base
    2 tb Miso Paste
    1/2 lb Linguine or spaghetti

    Get out your five-quart crockpot and fill it half full
    of water. Set the temperature control to high. Add the
    chicken base and miso paste and stir until dissolved.

    Add the chicken bits and vegetables, stirring to mix.

    Add hot water to bring level to about an inch from the
    top of the pot. Cover and let it cook for an hour.
    Remove the cover and add the pasta (I use pan length
    pasta I get from Hy-Vee), stirring to submerge.

    If you like pepper - get out the pepper mill and grind
    away until your wrists get tired or you think you have
    enough. You won't need added salt as the chicken base
    and miso are plenty salty.

    Soup is ready when the noodles are done.

    Makes four or more quarts

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