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    Title: Cranberry Opera Fudge
    Categories: Candy, Fruits, Dairy, Snacks
    Yield: 30 Servings

    2 c Sugar
    1/2 c Milk
    1/2 c Light cream
    1 tb Light corn syrup
    1/2 ts Salt
    1 tb Butter
    1 ts Vanilla
    1/2 c Fresh cranberries; chopped

    Butter sides of heavy 2 qt. saucepan. In it combine
    sugar, milk, cream, corn syrup, and salt. Cook and stir
    over medium heat till mixture boils. Cook to soft ball
    stage (238ºF/115ºC). Immediately remove from heat and
    cool to lukewarm (110ºF/43ºC) without stirring.

    Add butter and vanilla. Beat vigorously till mixture becomes
    very thick and starts to lose it's gloss. Quickly stir in
    cranberries and spread in buttered 9" x 5" x 3" pan. Score
    in squares while warm; cut when cool and firm.

    Makes 2 1/2 dozen pieces.

    Recipe By: Ocean Spray Five Seasons Cranberry Book

    From: http://www.recipesource.com

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