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    Title: Hyacinth's Prawn Mousse
    Categories: Seafood, Soups, Vegetables, Cheese
    Yield: 6 servings

    5 1/4 oz (1/2 can) tomato soup
    3 tb Cold water
    1/2 c Mayonnaise
    1 lb Small cooked prawns
    1/4 c Onion, finely chopped
    1/4 c Celery; fine chopped
    1/4 c Fine chopped bell pepper
    1 1/2 oz Unflavored gelatin
    4 oz Cream cheese; softened

    Heat the soup to boiling. Dissolve the gelatin in cold
    water and add to the soup. Mix the cream cheese with the
    mayonnaise. Add the soup to this and beat with a rotary
    beater. Add the prawns and chopped vegetables. Pour this
    mixture into a round mold and chill it.

    Serve on wheat crackers.

    RECIPE FROM: http://hyacinthbucketscookbook.weebly.com

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