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    Title: Bavarian Cream Fry Pies
    Categories: Pastry, Dairy, Desserts
    Yield: 18 servings

    2 Ready-made refrigerated
    - rolled pie crusts
    2 c Bavarian cream; store
    - boought or homemade *
    Oil for frying.

    MMMMM------------------------SUGAR GLAZE-----------------------------
    1 tb Butter
    1 c Powdered sugar
    1/2 ts Vanilla
    4 tb Milk

    Unroll pie crust and lay flat on a cutting board.

    Using a large round cookie cutter cut 7 circles.

    OPTIONAL: Roll out the crust scraps and cut out 2 more

    Place 1-2 Tablespoons of Bavarian Cream on one side of
    the pie crust.

    Dip your finger in water and line the edges of the pie

    Fold over crust to create a half-moon shape.

    Use a fork to create a seal around the pie crust.

    In a large skillet add enough oil to cover the bottom.
    You don't want to submerge the fry pies. Heat oil to

    In a small saucepan melt butter then add the remaining
    ingredients for the Sugar Glaze and whip together. Keep

    Fry the pies for about 20 seconds on each side. As your
    oil may get hotter you will have to lessen the fry time
    on each side. Look for a golden brown color. Remove from
    and place on a wire rack.

    Brush on sugar glaze on both sides of the fried pie.

    Eat warm or cold.

    RECIPE NOTES: When you pull them out of the fryer DO NOT
    place the pies on a paper towel. Place them on a wire
    rack with paper towels underneath to catch the oil.

    Placing them directly on a paper towel will only make
    them soggy.

    Author: Stephanie Jackson

    * Here is a link to a Bavarian Cream recipe on Food
    Network. https://tinyurl.com/BAVAR-CREME

    RECIPE FROM: https://dailyappetite.com

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