• Decaf Tea

    From Mike Powell to ALL on Tue Jul 9 17:02:00 2019
    When a box of tea bags says that it is "decaf," is it really completely
    decaf, or just very little caf?

    You all may have seen the news about a week ago about a distillery
    warehouse burning to the ground. What did not burn completely made its way into a nearby creek and then the nearby river, right above where the local water company intake is.

    So the water, while they say it is safe to drink, tastes and smells horrible now. When this last happened, in 1999, I found that my Brita filter
    pitcher was sufficient at filtering out the taste and smell. It is not
    working this time.

    However, using the water to brew tea does seem to mask the odor and taste.
    I like tea, but drinking caf tea all day would leave me unable to sleep at night. So I am drinking decaf in the afternoons and evenings, but am
    worried that it might still be keeping me awake.

    Of course, it could just be the heat and the DST sunset that are keeping me from nodding off until later than normal, too. :)


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