• Blocker v2.0 Alpha

    From Mike Powell to ALL on Fri Jun 21 19:20:00 2019
    This message was from XQTR to ALL,
    originally in conference FSX_BBS
    and was forwarded to you by DUMAS WALKER.
    I updated (a lot) Blocker, which is a telnet client for the terminal. There is a binary pre-compiled for Linux/x64, but the source code is available at:


    ...and it can be compiled under Windows or other systems that support FreePascal. Some features of blocker:

    - Full ANSI Support for BBSes
    - Macros
    - Insert any ASCII character with a dialog box
    - Quotes/Tags with a press of a button
    - Preview ANSI Files, locally
    - Convert ANSI Files to Mystic BBS, Pipe Format
    - Capture Current Screen, in ANSI
    - Capture ANSI Graphics while connected
    - ScrollBack
    - Capture ScrollBack Buffer
    - Up to 600 BBS Recods per Each PhoneBook File
    - Open Infinite PhoneBook Files
    - Immidiate Address Dial
    - Import SyncTerm PhoneBook
    - AutoText
    - Music/Sounds
    - Script to download fresh BBS list from BBSIndex.
    - Use it as a DOOR program for linux BBSes
    + With security leves for all the features. You can dis/allow users what
    you want to use or don't.
    - Easily copy/paste text from/to the terminal and also click on links

    The special thing about Blocker, is that i have built a system/scheme for
    it, to recognize specific codes and play music/sounds for the BBSes. This means, that a user can download a music package for a BBS that supports this feature and while connected to it, hear track music and/or sounds. To see/listen an example, get a copy of Blocker and visit Another Droid BBS at andr01d.zapto.org:9999

    :: XQTR :: Another Droid BBS :: andr01d.zapto.org:9999 :: xqtr@gmx.com

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A43 2019/03/03 (Raspberry Pi/32)
    Origin: Another Droid BBS # andr01d.zapto.org:9999 (21:1/111)

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