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    Grandmother used to say

    Flies will swarm before a storm

    You will be a winner today. Pick a fight with a four-year-old.


    People usually get what's coming to them ... unless it's been mailed.

    Ass, n.:
    The masculine of "lass".


    Electricity originates inside clouds.
    There, it forms into lightning, which is attracted to
    the Earth by golfers. After entering the ground,
    the electricity hardens into coal, which, when dug up by
    power companies and burned in big ovens called 'generators,'
    turns back into electricity...where it is transformed by TV
    sets into commercials for beer, which passes through the
    consumers and back into the ground, thus completing what
    is known as a "circuit".


    1- Open Google Maps (directions)
    2 - Type China as your starting point
    3 - Type Taiwan as your destination
    4 - Read step 48
    5 - When you stop laughing, type this in your profile so others can laugh too


    Smart man smart woman = romance

    Smart man dumb woman = affair

    Dumb man smart woman = marriage

    Dumb man dumb woman = pregnancy
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