From DARYL STOUT@TBOLT to ALL on Sat Mar 19 12:24:00 2016
    Many clubs have found that social media sites, such as Facebook, can
    increase awareness of their club's activities.

    Several clubs in Arkansas have Facebook pages, and I'm sure others do
    as well. Check with the clubs in your area to see if they have one, and
    if not, suggest that they start one.

    Choose CREATE GROUP from one of the group pages that you are already
    in. You can set it for OPEN (everyone can see the group, its members,
    and its posts), CLOSED (non-members can see the group and the
    description, but only members can see the posts and members), or SECRET
    (only the members see the group, members and posts). You can set it to
    where any new members or posts have to be approved by an administrator
    (the creator of the group is automatically an administrator). They can
    also make other members "admins", who have the same "power" to delete or approve posts, as well as to approve or delete user requests, or to
    delete or ban users.

    Choose an icon for the group, add a description, add 3 "tag phrases",
    and add at least one member to get the page going.

    From there, add a cover photo, and more.

    Daryl Stout, 60's Swingers Square Dance Club, Little Rock, Arkansas

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