• 10 Commands Of Square Dancing

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    From Appendix B of "Basic Calls for Advanced And Challenge Square
    Dancing" by Milt Strong, edited by Ed Foote. These commandments apply
    to ALL levels of square dancing.

    1. You shall square dance only for the fun which you will find in it.

    2. You shall not be a snob, by considering yourself too good to dance
    with any and all, by sitting out mixers, or by leaving a square,
    lest you be required to dance with those you deem unworthy of your
    talents. For the gods of retribution are jealous gods, and will
    visit their mischief upon you, and you will be the one to goof the

    3. You shall be exuberant, but act your age. Do not offend others by
    your high flung legs, outflared skirts, or by overzealous endeavors
    to help others who may hesitate by pulling, grabbing, pushing upon,
    or speaking loudly to them.

    4. You shall go abroad and dance to other callers, so that your opinions
    expressed as to the merit of this one and that one are based on fact.

    5. You shall be conscious of the feelings of those around you, and shall
    not let the stranger in your midst sist on the sidelines and cool his
    heels, nor fail to speak to him.

    6. You shall bathe diligently, that the sweet aroma of soap and shaving
    lotion may assail the nostrils of your associates. You shall similarly
    take care that words of your mouth are not scented with strong smelling
    herbs such as beer. Men shall wear long-sleeved shirts that their arms
    may be more pleasant to grasp.

    7. You shall guard carefully to utterances from your lips while dancing,
    lest you add confusion to your square, and cause others to be unable to
    hear the next call...for there is but one designated caller.

    8. You shall honor your club and give your loyalty, for if you cannot do
    this, it would be better to separate yourself from it, and join yourself
    to another whose methods, members, and caller are more to your liking.

    9. You shall not kill your club with bickering and fault-finding, or by
    pointing fingers of blame for errors in dancing or club operation, at
    any fellow members or dancer; for in so doing, such a finger may thus
    be deservedly due in your own direction.

    10. You shall never forget that you were once a beginner, and that you
    shall always remember that if you are able to be able to continue
    square dancing for a long time, there must always be beginners, and
    new dancers joining your hobby, and they will need your patience and

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