From Daryl Stout@TBOLT to ALL on Thu Aug 17 16:45:00 2017
    I plan to be at the 2017 Single Square Dancers USA Labor Day
    Dance-A-Rama, at the Wyndham Hotel in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Because of my involvement with a ham radio traffic net Thursday night,
    August 31...and for taking my Mom out for her 91st birthday on Friday, September 1...I will NOT make it to the hotel until late Friday
    afternoon, or early Friday evening. But, I will be there all day
    Saturday, September 2, and Sunday, September 3.

    Right now, I plan to work the registration table ONLY...and go to the Membership Meeting on Saturday. Otherwise, I plan to do LITTLE, IF ANY
    DANCING. I prefer to work "behind the scenes"; as one can always get dancers...one can't always get workers.

    If I do get the opportunity to dance, I will...but like it was 10
    years ago (the last time the Dance-A-Rama was in North Little Rock), I
    chose at that time not to dance, because I was still in mourning of the
    death of my wife who had died just 4 months earlier. Now, it's health
    issues (severe arthritis), that may keep me from dancing. I use a cane
    daily, and have a walker on standby. Eventually, I may end up in a

    Plus, I want to be available in case my Mom needs me...as I do all the driving, shopping, etc. for her. I had booked the hotel room for the 3
    days, because if the weather was bad in the late evening after the
    dance, I didn't want to have to travel back and forth to and from my
    apartment in west Little Rock, in bad weather.

    For more information the 2017 Dance-A-Rama, go to the website of the
    Arkansas State Square Dance Federation Special Dances Page, located at www.assdf.com/specials.htm -- scroll down until you see the entry for
    the Dance-A-Rama. There is a link to a flier in PDF format. Since it's
    only 2 weeks to the dance now, the deadline for tours has passed, and
    the hotel rooms in the "block" have likely been released. So, if you get
    a room at the Wyndham, you likely will have to pay more.

    You can register at the door, but the cost is now higher than it was
    if than if you registered prior to August 1, 2017. Also, at this point,
    no refunds are given for cancellations.

    Daryl Stout, Webmaster/Circulation Chairman
    Arkansas State Square Dance Federation

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