• Call Before You Travel

    From Daryl Stout@TBOLT to All on Thu Aug 24 00:04:10 2017
    Before traveling to a square dance, round dance, or other related
    festival, convention, etc., it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you
    "Call Before You Travel"...to be sure that the event is still
    planned to go on as scheduled!!

    Weather (severe storms, winter weather, flooding, etc.), road
    closures and construction, power outages, last minute conflicts,
    etc. can mean that the event has to be moved elsewhere, or subject
    to a last minute cancellation.

    It is far better to call, write, or email, the club contact, or
    event organizers, to check the status of the dance in advance...
    rather than driving a long distance, wasting all that gasoline,
    time, money, etc., and discovering that the dance has been

    The fastest way to contact people is via phone (many cellphone
    plans offer unlimited long distance), or via the internet (via
    email, Facebook, etc.)...as you can get a quick response. If you
    write, delays with the Postal Service, etc. could cause you to not
    get a reply in time. But, if you do write, please enclose a self
    addressed, stamped envelope (SASE), as a courtesy.

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