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    The Arkansas State Square Dance Federation (ASSDF) now has 2 versions
    of its website.

    1) theassdf.org -- the original version, designed for those with slow or erratic internet connections, such as on the fringe of cell networks.
    This is hosted by Ace-Net webhosting.

    2) arkansassquaredance.com -- the new website, with less pages, but more
    info, and graphics on each page. This site is hosted by Zooma Web

    You can get to both by going to www.theassdf.org -- and choose the
    original version (item 1) or tbe new version (item 2).

    Also, on both sites, are links to the ASSDF's Facebook Group, and
    Twitter feed. You will need to be a subscriber of Facebook and/or
    Twitter to post comments.

    Daryl Stout, Webmaster, ASSDF

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