• August, 2020 Modern Sqr

    From Daryl Stout@TBOLT to All on Thu Jul 16 20:02:00 2020
    The e-Edition of the August, 2020 issue of "The Modern Square",
    the monthly publication of the Arkansas State Square Dance
    Federation (ASSDF) is now online. You can download the PDF file
    directly at https://www.theassdf.org/msqr0820.pdf -- for back
    issues, you can go to https://www.theassdf.org/backmsqr.htm

    Note that you will need an appropriate PDF viewer to view or
    print the files.

    The domain of theassdf.org allows me more space for the PDF
    files than for the "new website", which is located at https://www.arkansassquaredance.com and look for the link for
    "The Modern Square And Internet Links".

    The domain with theassdf.org is designed for slower internet
    connections, such as DSL or in cellphone areas where users are
    "on the fringe". A bit more graphics intensive site, that takes
    a bit longer to load, is https://www.arkansassquaredance.com

    The e-Edition can be obtained, FREE OF CHARGE, by sending an
    email to ASSDFModernSquare@gmail.com -- if you haven't been
    receiving a free copy, you either aren't signed up, or your
    email bounced as undeliverable. If the latter is the case, you
    need to contact yours truly, with the updated information.

    The print edition is $20 per year, and can be obtained by
    making a check to ASSDF for the desired amount, and mailing
    it to Sheila Gesing, 9760 Grant 7, Sheridan, AR 72150. The
    print edition was sent to Arkansas Printing on July 16, and
    I hope it can be in subscribers mailboxes by July 31.

    If you're not receiving the print edition, either you aren't
    signed up for a subscription, your subscription has expired,
    or your copy was returned as undeliverable. If the latter is
    the case, you need to contact yours truly, with the updated

    There are several differences between the e-Edition and the
    print edition, as follows:

    1) The e-Edition is FREE. The Print Edition is $20 per year.

    2) The e-Edition is sent out on the 11th of the month. If there
    is a needed delay, such as in waiting for clarification on an
    upcoming special dance, it is sent out on the 16th of the month.
    The print edition is sent out from the printer by the 24th of
    the month, hopefully to arrive in subscribers mailboxes by the
    end of the month.

    3) All pictures submitted to the Editor are published in the
    e-Edition, and they are in COLOR, as is the entire e-Edition.
    Due to cost and space limits, no extra pictures are in the
    print edition, and the entire print edition is in black and

    4) All links in the e-Edition, email and otherwise, are clickable
    in your PDF reader.

    The normal deadline for the submission of articles, ad copy,
    etc. to the Editor, is the 10th of the month, prior to the month
    of issue. Sometimes, there is a delay, but in that case, the
    deadline is the 15th of the month, prior to the month of issue.
    The deadline for the September, 2020 issue will be August 10.

    With the COVID-19 pandemic, very few clubs are dancing. Those
    that are likely require MASKS on all dancers, and gloves are
    strongly recommended. Please call before you travel, as most
    clubs are dark, and many previously scheduled special dances,
    are being cancelled.

    I also send out Reminder Cards to the print subscribers, whose
    subscription is about to expire. If you have a question on when
    your print subscription expires, please contact me at one of the
    ways noted below.

    I am Editor, Webmaster, and Circulation Chairman for the ASSDF.
    You can reach me in one of the following ways:

    A) On Facebook, I'm in the Arkansas State Square Dance Federation
    Group. My profile picture is a patriotic dachshund, with my cover
    photo a family photo from Christmas Day, 1962.

    B) Via Email, please send it to assdfmodernsquare@gmail.com -- my
    personal email outside of this is wx4qz@arrl.net

    C) Via Voice Mail to (501) 690-8325.

    D) Via Postal Mail to P.O. Box 55655, Little Rock, AR 72215.

    Daryl Stout, Editor, Webmaster, Circulation Chairman, ASSDF
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