• New ASSDF Website

    From Daryl Stout@TBOLT to All on Wed Feb 3 00:01:00 2021
    The Arkansas State Square Dance Federation (ASSDF) has a brand new
    website and logo, thanks to the efforts of Ben Schoenkase.

    You can find the site by going to https://www.arkansassquaredance.com --
    or to the original site of https://www.theassdf.org and clicking on the
    new logo of the ASSDF.

    In the coming days, I will be adding links to back issues of the
    e-Edition of "The Modern Square", the monthly publication of the ASSDF...
    plus several other items as well. My goal was to get the site online,
    even though some links need to be added.

    However, it's very difficult for me to sit at the computer for long
    periods of time...and I'm still undergoing chiropractic care from a multi-vehicle wreck early last month. I wasn't at fault, but the car
    I was driving (a 2004 Buick LeSabre) was totaled out. The money I got
    from it, helped me buy a pre-owned 2009 Volvo 2 door hardtop convertible;
    but it's undergoing post-sale servicing right now...so, I hope I get it
    back soon.

    Further information can be obtained by sending an email to
    assdfmodernsquare at gmail dot com

    Daryl Stout, Editor, Webmaster, Circulation Chairman, ASSDF

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