• ASSDF Website Update

    From Daryl Stout@TBOLT to All on Sun Feb 7 10:48:17 2021
    I have updated the website of the Arkansas State Square Dance
    Federation (ASSDF)(https://www.arkansassquaredance.com) to add
    back issues of the e-Edition of "The Modern Square", the
    publication of the ASSDF. Note that for some months, an issue
    wasn't published...and there was no e-Edition prior to April,

    I've also placed a link to the print edition...but to prevent
    non-subscribers from getting access to it for free (when other
    subscribers are paying $20 per year), there is a 60 day delay
    in publication of such. At this typing, since it's February,
    2021...the print edition available is December, 2020. As the
    new e-Edition is released, or the calendar changes for the
    print edition to be updated, I will take care of such.

    The deadline for items to be on the Editor's desk is the 14th
    of the month, prior to the month of issue (that's a FIRM
    deadline). Also, payment for any ads or print subscriptions
    MUST be in the hands of the ASSDF Treasurer, or these items
    won't be processed. With Feb. 15 this year being a holiday
    (President's Day), and Feb. 14 being on a Sunday...there's
    no mail delivery on those 2 days. So, the Treasurer must
    have payment by Feb. 13.

    However, I have been unable to get the Google Events Calendar
    to work or get integrated...and I've tried Microsoft Edge,
    Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. So for now, that feature
    is unavailable.

    Thanks to Ben Schoenkase for his work in redesigning the

    You can get a free subscription to the e-Edition by sending
    an email with your name and email address to:

    assdfmodernsquare at gmail dot com

    Note that if your email address bounces for the e-Edition,
    or if your mailing address bounces for the print edition,
    you will be removed from the respective databases, and will
    no longer receive said items, until the Editor is contacted
    with the updated information.

    Daryl Stout, Editor, Webmaster, Circulation Manager, ASSDF

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