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    From Daryl Stout@TBOLT to All on Wed Dec 1 00:02:05 2021
    These are e-Editions of "The Modern Square", the publication of the
    Arkansas State Square Dance Federation (ASSDF).

    While the e-Edition is free by email request to ASSDFModernSquare at
    gmail dot com -- the print edition is $20 per year. Note that an
    e-Edition is not available prior to April, 2015...and some months
    after that, there was no e-Edition published.

    Back copies of the e-Edition are also available at the ASSDF website
    at https://www.arkansassquaredance.com/the-modern-square -- also on
    the page is a copy of the previously released print edition, which is
    two months old. This delay keeps non-subscribers from getting the most
    current print issue in a timely manner, while others are paying $20 a
    year for it. These paying individuals are those who either want a small,
    hard copy...and/or they don't have, can't get, or don't want a computer
    or internet access. Some parts of Arkansas are so rural, that internet
    access is impossible to obtain.

    As an example, when the May e-Edition of the publication is released,
    the previous print edition will then be the March issue. When the new
    e-Edition is released, the previous print edition is replaced on the
    ASSDF website.

    Regardless, a PDF utility is required to view or print the files.

    As current Editor, the deadline for items to be on my desk is by 9pm
    US Central Time, on the 14th of the month, preceding the month of
    issue (i.e. November 14 for the December issue). If the 14th is on a
    Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the deadline is the first business day
    after that, usually Monday. I try to release the e-Edition as early
    as the 15th of the month before the month of issue...and no later than
    the 18th of the month before the month of issue. The day the e-Edition
    is released is the day the print version is sent to the printer.

    I try to send out a reminder letter a few days before the deadline...
    with the hectic pace of life outside of hobbies, reminders are helpful. However, with rare exceptions (such as health, computer, or weather
    issues), the deadline (as noted above) is FIRM. So, those wishing to
    submit items like club reports, photos, ads, special dance fliers,
    changes to club or dance information, should not wait until the last
    minute to send it in. Otherwise, the item has to wait until the next

    Note that the US Postal Service says it takes 5 days minimum for any
    First Class Mail to be delivered, and it can take up to a week to
    print and mail the print edition for that month, depending on how
    much other business the printer has at that time. It is hoped that
    the print edition will arrive in subscribers mailboxes by the 1st
    of the month, of the month of issue.

    The differences between the print edition and the e-Edition are as

    1) Most all pictures submitted to the Editor will be in the e-Edition,
    and are in color. Blurred or duplicate pictures will not be used. No
    pictures will be in the print edition, unless they are part of paid
    for ads.

    2) Any web links and email addresses in the e-Edition are clickable.
    These obviously are not clickable in the print edition.

    3) The e-Edition is available at least 2 weeks before the print
    edition arrives in subscriber's mailboxes.

    4) The e-Edition is free of charge, while the print edition is $20
    per year (as of Nov. 1, 2021).

    The Editor reserves the right to edit, delete, or rewrite all items that
    are submitted. With Letters To The Editor, they must be signed, but names
    will be omitted upon request.

    Due to the continued rising cost of postage and printing for the print
    edition, and the same for website and domain fees, ad prices...no matter
    the size of the ad, are $35 for the print edition, $5 for the e-Edition,
    and $40 for both. Prices are per insertion, and must be paid for in advance...with a check for the appropriate amount paid to the ASSDF

    If you have any questions, please email me at assdfmodernsquare at
    gmail dot com -- and I'll reply as soon as possible.

    With health issues right now, it's rare that I'm able to be at an
    actual square dance anymore. But, I'm still well enough to work behind
    the scenes for the ASSDF.

    Daryl Stout, Editor, Webmaster, Circulation Chairman
    Arkansas State Square Dance Federation
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