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    From DARYL STOUT@CAPCITY to ALL on Mon Jul 16 22:09:00 2012
    The 62nd National Square Dance Convention will be June 26-29, 2013, in
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their website is at http://www.62nsdc.com

    If you are traveling to Oklahoma City, you have several options:

    1) Driving. Oklahoma City is the crossroads of several interstate
    highways, including Interstate 40 (east to west), Interstate 35
    (north to south), and Interstate 44 (Oklahoma City to Tulsa). Other
    US Highways come through the area as well.

    2) Flying. The Will Rogers Airport serves American, Delta, Southwest,
    Frontier, and United Airlines.

    3) Train. Amtrak's Heartland Flyer runs daily between Oklahoma City,
    Oklahoma, and Fort Worth Texas. The train leaves Oklahoma City at
    8:25am, arriving in Fort Worth, Texas at 12:39pm. The return trip
    departs Fort Worth, Texas at 5:25pm, arriving in Oklahoma City at

    A few caveats on traveling by Amtrak to Oklahoma City:

    a) Reservations with Amtrak can be made as far as 11 months prior to
    departure. Full details are on their website (amtrak.com), including
    policies on ticketing, baggage, passenger ID, etc.

    b) The train has a locomotive at each end, 2 coaches, and a Cafe Car,
    which serves sandwiches, snacks, and beverages. No Sleeping Car or
    Dining Car service is available on the train...nor is checked
    baggage. Also, all stations between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth are unstaffed...although a station attendant may open the facility shortly
    before arrival of the train, and close the facility shortly after
    departure of the train. Fort Worth is a full service station, with
    checked baggage, and connections to and from The Texas Eagle, which
    runs between Chicago and San Antonio, through Saint Louis, Little Rock,
    Dallas, and Austin.

    The Texas Eagle is a full service train, with Sleeping Car service
    (space sells out FAST), and checked baggage service at selected stations.
    There is also a Sightseer Lounge Car, serving sandwiches, snacks, and beverages, on the lower level. The train arrives in Fort Worth from
    Chicago at 1:25pm....and at 1:58pm from San Antonio. Three days a week,
    The Texas Eagle connects with The Sunset Limited at San Antonio...
    which runs between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Los Angeles, California.

    Once you arrive in Oklahoma City, they do have 24 hour taxi cab service,
    with either Castle Cab (405) 595-5999 or Yellow Cab (405) 232-6161.
    They do have a website where you can get approximate taxi fares at:


    As a side note, the approximate fare from the Amtrak Station to the
    Will Rogers Airport (if you're staying at near the airport, but do
    not want to fly into Oklahoma City), is $25. Most, if not all of the
    hotels near the airport should have shuttle service.

    Purchase of a shuttle bus pass is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as parking in
    the downtown area will likely be VERY LIMITED.

    Updated versions of National Squares Online will be posted to the
    Square Dancing Files Area as soon as possible. The file, in PDF
    format, requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

    Daryl Stout, Webmaster/Circulation Manager
    Arkansas State Square Dance Convention

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