• Let's Dance Weekend

    From Daryl Stout@TBOLT to All on Wed Dec 24 00:01:00 2014
    For several years, the Jamboree USA Square And Round Dance Weekend
    was held each spring at the Pine Bluff Convention Center, in Pine
    Bluff, Arkansas...about 45 miles southeast of Little Rock. For
    weather in the Pine Bluff area, go to www.srh.noaa.gov/lzk - look
    for Pine Bluff on the map (southeast of Little Rock), and click on

    Unfortunately, due to health issues, it was difficult for me to make
    the drive between Little Rock and Pine Bluff...due to severe arthritis
    in my arms and legs. I also am doing amateur radio license exams in the
    central Arkansas area. usually on the same weekend as the festival.

    However, I heard that they had very few attendees last year, and that
    it was decided that the 2013 weekend would be the last one for the
    festival. Sadly, square dancing attendance has been in decline for
    almost 20 years, and it's over much of the country. People are just too
    busy in their daily lives to commit time to such a wonderful hobby

    If I get any new updates, I will post such in this message area.

    Daryl Stout, Webmaster/Booster, Let's Dance Square/Round Dance Weekend

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